Frequently Asked Questions
  • I want to book a stripper for my friends bachelor party. How much notice do you need to book an event?
    If the event is being held in town a few days is adequate, if it is held outside of town it’s best to book at least a week in advance.
  • What is the cost for a stag party?
    Prices vary please contact us for full details. 
  • How do I book an adult entertainer?
    You can either book online, phone, or in person. Each stag stripper/entertainer needs a $100+GST deposit and that can be made with either a visa or cash. We will need a contact persons name and number that we can get a hold of them the night of the event, the date of the event, the address of the event, and the time of arrival..
  • Will the dancer do topless waitressing if asked?
    Not all entertainers will do both, most do but it is best to ask before booking so we can point you to the right ones. If the entertainer is not booked for another event chances are they will stay as long as she is getting paid for her time.
  • Will an entertainer stay longer if needed?
    Most of the time they will stay longer as long as they are not booked for another event and they are paid for their time, prices can be negotiated with them at the time….
  • Will the entertainers perform any sexual acts?
    Our entertainers are strictly there for entertainment purposes only. We do not provide any escort or message services.
  • Will the entertainers do hooters shots how much?
    Most entertainers will provide this service or VIP dancing and prices very per dancer and can be negotiated with them…
  • Will dancers do duo's?
    Yes there are some that will and we can let you know which ones are available upon booking.
  • Are theme shows or special requests available?
    Yes they are available depending on which entertainer is chosen best to inquire if special themes are needed. Note also that we do not book one on one shows..
  • Do your entertainers always go fully nude?
    The entertainers will perform anyway that is required of them as long as it does not involve any sexual acts.
  • Will the entertainers perform in a mixed crowd?
    Most will but it is best to ask upon booking, of course this is 18+ business and children should not be at the shows.
  • Is the entertainer available for the whole night?
    Yes, inquire about pricing.
  • Can I book an entertainer after midnight?
    For the most part entertainers are usually done their shows before midnight if they are comfortable with the surroundings and are being treated well and paid for their time they will stay. Booking a show to start after midnight is not usually done but under special circumstances it can be done. Inquire about pricing.
  • Are entertainers available on short notice?
    It is possible, but there is an extra charge depending on the amount of notice. Inquire for details.
  • Will get the entertainer that I booked?
    We always try to provide the entertainer you booked but sometimes events outside of our control occur and an available replacement is sent instead.
  • Who provides security?
    Ultimately it is up to the contact person to provide adequate security. The entertainer will let you know if there is an issue, if the problem is not handled she will try to solve it. If the issue is not dealt with the third time she will leave with no refund. Some dancers will bring there own security but they will not be part of the show and will be in the background to make sure things run smoothly.
  • Do the entertainers require a particular venue?
    Not in particular but keep in mind that any venue licensed for liquor sales has to abide by ALGC rules and it is the clients responsibility for any infractions. Hotel rooms are not their favorite but they will perform there as long as the client knows that we do not provide sexual services. Places of business are alright as long as arrangements are made to do their shows. Limos or bus tours are possible for an extra $50 charge as there are extra issues that are brought up in these venues. Out of town tours are also a special charge inquire for more details.